Final Fantasy Tactic: The War of The Lions

Final Fantasy Tactic: The War of the Lions is the first of its kind. It is a fusion of all the Final Fantasy series. The game is a strategy RPG with tactical gameplay which explores the world of Ivalice. The game is developed and published by the Square Enix and the game- Final Fantasy Tactic… Read More »

Top 10 fantasy games for Windows PCs and Laptops

Fantasy games have been gaining quite a momentum regarding quality and popularity among the population, and there is a multiple of options available for windows on fantasy games. Among them all some of the best ones are: Rule of the Kingdom- This is an epic game published by Game Insight Global Limited. Rule of Kingdom… Read More »

Best fantasy games for Android smartphones and tablets

Fantasy games are superb; they take us into another realm and androids have given us a way to fall into the realms anywhere and anytime. Androids have tons of games that are supported including fantasy games. There is a huge number of fantasy games, some of them are superb, but some are not so. Here… Read More »