Best fantasy games for Android smartphones and tablets

By | August 8, 2017

Fantasy games are superb; they take us into another realm and androids have given us a way to fall into the realms anywhere and anytime. Androids have tons of games that are supported including fantasy games. There is a huge number of fantasy games, some of them are superb, but some are not so. Here is a list of the best fantasy games that androids support-

  1. Final Fantasy- Final fantasy is one of the most famous among all fantasy games, and all of its series is beloved by many. It is developed by Epic Action LLC. Final fantasy consists of all that it needs to be a great game from compelling story line to its characters. There are 12 great games of Final fantasy which have something for everyone- from medieval fantasy to a futuristic sci-fi setting. Be a hero of your fantasy and build an empire.
  2. Baldur’s Gate 2- The game doubtlessly one of the best classic game fantasy game which is developed by Beamdog. Part 2 continues the story from the first. Being imprisoned and tortured, you have to find your way out through the enemies. Baldur’s Gate takes you into the medieval realm where you have to escape from the dungeons, slay the beasts and then move into the world for revenge and adventure as you meet interesting characters from other parts of the world. The game features an extensive character building with quests and DLC.
  3. The Bard’s tale- This game was one of the first good RPG on mobile, and it still does not fail to deliver as one of the best games. The Bard’s tale is developed by inXile entertainment, it will set you on a quest and by accomplishing these quests; it will upgrade your character as you explore the world through towns, forests, rivers, towers, castles, dungeons, caverns, tombs, snowy mountains and so much more. Also, the game also has humorous dialogues which will aid you in your addictive quests.
  4. Crashland- Crashland is a quirky game with witty dialogue, entertaining story line then this game is surely for you. The game is developed by the Butterscotch Shenanigans. It is a survival game with a vibrant and comical tone which all blends in perfectly. As the game lets you explore the world, it allows you to make tools and craft all kinds of thing that you need, go for battle and accomplish the quests through the crash lands.
  5. Chaos Rings 3- Chaos ring has it all from a Square Enix RPG. It didn’t go down in quality. Chaos Rings 3 includes an extensive character system with an intriguing story and rich graphics. The game has the features for many quests to fulfil besides the main quest. It is structured on the combo systems of its earlier games with the addition of the third party member. This game lets you explore lands and find hidden treasures which come with monsters and the legends of the land, all this taking you to on an adventurous journey.

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