Best fantasy games for iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices

By | August 9, 2017

There are many who love fantasy games as the games enable you to be transported to a whole other dimension and give you a thrilling experience. There are many who love this genre of games, and with that, there are numerous games out there. So to make things easier for you, here is a listing of the best fantasy games among all the games available for IOS. This listing is based on the game’s exciting story line, the compelling characters, the graphics, sounds and the complex game play.

  1. Baldur’s Gate: Enhances edition – This game is by Overhaul Games is considered as one of the best games in this genre. It is an old game, but till now it is an epic adventure and role playing game, it does not fail to deliver a good quality and a thrilling gaming experience. The game has set its standard on Dungeons& Dragon computer role playing games.  Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced edition contains a quality 60 hour epic with extensions with incredible gameplay
  2. Final Fantasy Tactics: War of Lions – This game is developed by the Square Enix and is one of the best classic games.  Final Fantasy includes everything from a sharp story line, great dialogue and an amusing strategy based combat with strong job system. The characters in the game are all unique and equally appealing.
  3. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – This Star war is an old game, and yet it does not fail to be a popular game. It gives the player the power to create their own Sith or Jedi and the great character customization is what keeps this all the more on the top. The game comes with an amazing game play, decent graphics and interface.
  4. Infinity Blade II – This game is developed by the Chair Entertainment Group, LLC. The game provides rich graphics for IOS devices, and it allows the player to explore the vast world with an extensive combat system which makes the game challenging but interesting.
  5. Banner Saga – Banner Saga by Stoic brings out a unique style, it is a tactical RPG which can be challenging, gives the power to the player to alter the outcome of the story basing on the deeds of the player. The choices in the strategy can affect the character’s personal story and also affect the world around the character.
  6. Shadow run: Dragon fall – This game is developed by Harebrained Schemes which is a sequel to Shadowrun Returns. It does not fail to deliver a fearless form of violence with the old school form of storytelling. This game’s mechanics, its depths and the plot  makes it a great game overall
  7. Chaos Ring II – Developed by Square Enix, the Chaos Ring II has one of the best graphics contents working is a rather linear fashion. Along with it comes a compelling story line and fascinating characters that will lure you further into the game. Also, the games scores on the musical level as well.

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