Final Fantasy Tactic: The War of The Lions

By | August 11, 2017

Final Fantasy Tactic: The War of the Lions is the first of its kind. It is a fusion of all the Final Fantasy series. The game is a strategy RPG with tactical gameplay which explores the world of Ivalice. The game is developed and published by the Square Enix and the game- Final Fantasy Tactic is acclaimed as one of the best strategy games and a great remake of its classic title. In addition, the game comes with an intense story line while bringing in new elements, insights and motives to the characters which are beautifully displayed with the aid of some incredible cutscenes

Plot:  The story line is intense, so in brief, the game is in the world of Ivalice, the king suddenly dies and his two years old son has to take over. On the other hand, Duke Larg, who is the queen’s brother, is considered to be the throne’s regency but the council of the land appoints the King’s cousin-Duke Goltanna as regent, so this sets up a conflict. This sets of a list of issues. The story is complicated with its plots, and the sup plots included. There are other sets of character’s story that are covered. But in a nutshell, the entire story covers the topic of political interest, betrayal, class warfare, murder, manipulation, divided allegiance, etc.

Some of the characters in the game are: Ramza Beoulve, Arrias Oaks, Rapha Galthena, Mustadio Bunansa, Meliadol Tengille, Count Cidolful “Thundergod Cid” Orlandeau, Beowulf Cadmus, Reis Duelar, Cloud Strife, Byblos, Construct 8, Balthier, Luso Clemens

Gameplay: You will be taking over a division of characters to battles which are in a turn-based system. As the game goes on, you will be able to level up your characters along with the weapons and the jobs.

Features: The updated game was released first for Sony PlayStation Portable, then it was released for iOS in the year 2011, but the iOS version does not support multiplayer. In the year 2013, February, Square Enix released the iOS port of Android which was only for Japan and in June 2013, the Android version was released to all.

Pros of the game:

  • Engaging storyline and new elements of the story with extra content and the cutscenes
  • Great sound effects with excellent voice acting
  • Improved animations
  • New job classes
  • New characters
  • New battle sequence
  • New multiplayer mode implementation
  • New English translation

Cons of the game:

  • The price point can be an issue
  • Technical issues n the game but depends on the device you use to play.

Response to the game- The War of the Lions reached the top in Japanese gaming charts with 100,000 sold copies just in the first month of its release. In the year 2007, the game was considered as the 53rd best selling game. Most of the critics were glad that the game had been remade and it was acclaimed for the intensity yet engaging game set up.


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